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Welcome to Bioverativ’s Grants Department

Grants and Giving

Thank you for your interest in the Bioverativ Grants and Giving Department for the funding of unsolicited and independent grant, sponsorship, exhibit, or charitable donation requests.

As a commitment to putting patients first, Bioverativ will accept requests from non-profit associations, medical education communication companies, hospitals and healthcare systems, and other qualified organizations with bona fide educational or advocacy purposes. Bioverativ will not accept requests from individuals or individual medical group practices.

Submitting a Request

Interested organizations may submit requests online via the Bioverativ Grants and Giving Management System.
Please use the following forms if necessary:

Types of Requests


Sponsorships and Exhibits

  • Patient Advocacy Events
  • Healthcare Provider Education Activities
  • Corporate Memberships

Charitable Donations

  • Disaster Relief

Additional Information

For questions about Bioverativ’s Medical Education Grants process, click here. For questions about Bioverativ’s Sponsorships and Exhibits process, click here.
If you have questions about other requests, or about the process, please email grantsandgiving@bioverativ.com.

Please note the following examples of requests that will not be considered:

  • Requests that do not align with Bioverativ’s areas of interest
  • Retroactive support
  • Entertainment or sporting events
  • Costs that are neither reasonable nor customary, or are excessive for the type of request
  • Personal travel
  • Overhead expenses such as equipment, salaries, benefits, journal subscriptions, textbooks, etc.